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Intuitive format, easy navigation and searchability for more efficient ordering.

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More images, more nutritionals and clearer product descriptions to allow you to make informed product purchase decisions.

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Account Center
Pay Online with E-Payment.

With Account Center, you can view your account's statement and invoice details and pay online -- on your time.

View up to 2 years of payment history.
View up to 2 years of invoice history.

Up-to-date transaction information at your fingertips.

View open invoices, invoices due today and more.

State-of-the art security.

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Account Center Subscriptions
With Account Center Email Subscriptions, you can schedule your invoice and proof of delivery emails.
Options for daily or weekly emails.

Choose your delivery format (PDF or CSV).

Configure proof of delivery documents to be delivered electronically.

Run on-demand invoice extracts with up to 2 years of invoice history.
Bar Codes

This tool can be used to generate barcodes that will print nicely on Avery 5260 labels.

The sources needed to generate sheets of labels are Microsoft Excel files that are easily obtained from Star Solutions Operator.  (Please note, both Star Solutions Operator and our scanner add-in are required for use of the Bar Code tool.)

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Designed specifically for multi-unit operators, the eAdvantage system gives DMA customers fast online ordering, order confirmation, purchase history, and online customer reporting.

Value-added and available for FSA/DMA customers only. Contact us today to learn more.
Where's My Truck

Do you want to know exactly when to expect your next delivery? Now there’s a way to track your order online.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.

Customer Ordering Interactive Network (COIN) interfaces easily with your own ordering systems software so you can place orders with FSA.

Connect your ordering system with FSA and send orders through the Internet, email, or ftp file transfer.  COIN easily interfaces with programs such as CBORD®, MenuLink, Computrition, and more.

COIN is compatible with several ordering systems.  Ask your Sales Associate about using COIN for your business or to check for system compatibility.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.  


CURE (Customer Usage Reporting Environment) allows access usage reports and is Internet based. CURE gives you the ability to show 2 years of purchases.

Includes excellent drill-down capabilities and filtering by vendor, brand and category and item.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.

Restaurant News, Trends, and Tips

gourmet pizza

'Smart Seafood' Saves Labor and is Responsible

You can offer your customers high-quality, environmentally responsible seafood which also has several labor-saving features for you--a win-win choice. 

Seafood supplier AquaStar has a diverse selection of smart seafood to choose from.  

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schools of fish in the open ocean

Your Customers Want Sustainable Seafood

Consumers are increasingly more concerned about the sustainability of the food they eat. According to Foodable Labs, the segment most concerned with seafood sustainability was 18-34 years old at 64.5%; then 35-44 year-olds at 60.1%; then people ages 45-54 at 49.3%; and finally 55-64 year-olds at 44.7%. 

FSA can assist you in the sustainability conversation with your patrons.  

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Plate of mixed seafoodThe Top 5 Seafood Species for Diners

When planning your menu, consider this -- US consumers say their most loved types of seafood are:
1. Alaskan salmon
2. Maine lobster
3. Alaskan crab
4. Gulf shrimp
5. New England oysters

The results are based on mentions on 6.8 million social media conversations tracked by Foodable Labs. 

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salmon seafood dishYoung Diners Want More Seafood Choices

You can drive more traffic and sales to the millennial crowd by offering more seafood on your menu. According to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, 62 percent of consumers age 18-34 year old want restaurants to offer a wider variety of seafood, including dishes featuring unique or ethnic flavors. This compares with 54 percent of all consumers who share the same sentiment. 

Choose the right seafood for your operation with these ideas and videos

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Oregon range
Company Beef Rancher Committed to Land and Cattle

In Madras, Oregon, Tom Norton of Norton Cattle Company is committed to the care and stewardship of his land and his animals.

To produce the finest beef, he knows it’s all about the way cattle are raised, fed, and processed.  Read more on how Tom’s cattle are cared for in the most advantageous way. 

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Scott and Kim Feldkamp Edgar Bar
You Feel Like Family in Iconic Rural Montana Restaurant

Owners Scott and Kim Feldkamp see their Edgar Bar as an iconic Montana destination restaurant featuring great service, great people, and great food. 

External sign for Fargo Billiards
The Customer Experience is Tops for this Gastropub 

In North Dakota stands an establishment that has crashed through expectations of what a pool hall can be.

The Fargo Billiards & Gastropub is the largest billiard hall in the Western Hemisphere with 56 pool tables, a full-service kitchen, a full bar, private banquet rooms, and an outdoor area with an Olympic bocce ball court and three volleyball courts. 

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Science and Stewardship Drives Modern Cattle Ranching 

The head of 5 Rivers says people would be surprised to see how much science and technology go into the modern operation.  These are used to assure the health of the land and the health of the herd. 

See how this operation works to supply the best beef for our customers. 


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KREM TV in the kitchen with Chef Marty and Chef Alexa
Cooking Traditional Italian Favorites

KREM TV’s Laura Papetti (l.) hosts Chef Marty from Luigi's (c.) and Chef Alexa from Food Services of America (r.) while they prepare some of Luigi's signature dishes like Chicken Calabria.

View of terrain near Madras, Oregon

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Family dining out

Hottest Culinary Trends for 2019 

The National Restaurant Association has released its annual survey of chefs showcasing the food, beverages and culinary themes that will be wowing your customers this year.  See what ideas could help you stand out from the competition.  Make sure to contact your FSA representative to see how to add these ideas to your menu. 

Go here for an overview and a link to download. 

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Local ranchers roping cattle during a roundup

Table Butte Cattle Building Ranch for Great Beef  

For the Spencer family, using the traditional methods of raising cattle is a family affair. As stewards of the land, their ranch sees to it that their cattle share the land with the wildlife that roams this eastern part of Idaho. 

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Montana Club restaurant
Food & Fun Uses Superior Service as the Difference

In this #servingsuccess video, Bob Powell from Food & Fun group of restaurants and casinos talks about he and his partner, Nick Alonzo, saw where they could use superior service to make a difference in the gaming industry. "We have to be able to differentiate ourselves from the chain restaurant down the street," Bob says. "And we can do things they can't."

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Future rancher: little girl laughing

Bridgeport Rancher Committed to Open Range Cattle

The Cavadini family prides themselves in how they raise and treat their cattle. “It is very important to all of us to keep the cattle as stress-free as possible when handling them,” says Dan Cavadini. He believes consumers appreciate knowing the source of their food and strives to create better quality beef.

A cup of soothing Chado High Tea herbal tea

Why Offer Tisanes?  

A tisane is more commonly called an herbal tea and it could boost your sales to health-conscious consumers.

They are naturally decaffeinated so they offer your customers flavorful, healthy alternatives to tea and coffee.  Many tisanes are high in antioxidants and nutrients.

Find out more about the benefits of herbal teas.


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Trendy Teas Growing as Diners Hunt for Variety 

Specialty teas are growing. According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A., they are seeing gains in consumers from all demographics in the experimentation with new and different teas. Distinctive teas have been rapidly gaining more popularity with diners. 

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Delicious lasagna for your winter menuPasta Ideas to Warm Up Your Winter Menu

Now is the time to add warm pasta to your offerings. Pasta expert Jeffery Root from Della Vita pasta says warm pasta dishes satisfy diners during the cooler months and are a good way to bolster your profits.

Recycling and Compost bins at FSA Spokane Zero Waste Food Show.FSA Spokane Works Toward Zero-Waste at Food Expo 

FSA Spokane Associates worked hard to achieve an impressive 86 percent waste diversion rate at their first zero-waste Thrive food exhibition on September 19.

Customers at Blue Moon BurgerRestaurateur Introduces Customers to Local Rancher

When Charlie Olson partnered with Ameristar Meats, he didn’t just bring locally-sourced meat products to his Blue Moon Burgers; he decided to bring in the ranchers who’d raised the beef themselves.

Customers want to meet the ranchers who produce their beef.

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Female chef in hospital kitchenHealthcare Operators Can Create Unlimited Menus

Our Menus OnDemand™ menu management software by SureQuest™ makes it easy for healthcare professionals to quickly create unlimited menus for every purpose: cycle menus, catering menus, snack menus, or special menus.

Read what the menu software can do for your operation.

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Chris Drakos from Willow Creek Farms in IdahoThis Rancher Knows Angus Beef

Willow Creek Farms is a captivating Idaho ranch in the shadows of the mountains along the winding Snake River. Once you’ve been there, you don’t want to leave.

Owner Chris Drakos proudly supplies Angus beef for Cattle Company Beef.

Read about Chris' passion for Angus beef.

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Cage-free eggs by Columbia Valley Farms are certified humanCage-Free Eggs to Become Mainstream

Most U.S. hens are housed in conventional cage environments but as more diners demand cage-free eggs, that is expected to change dramatically.

To keep up with consumer demand, we're offering cage-free eggs in a 20-pound liquid egg, six 12-count hard-cooked eggs in pillow packs, and 15 dozen in-shell white eggs.

Order Columbia Valley Farms cage-free eggs online.

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Local rancher Dale Meek of Riverbend Ranch in IdahoLocal Idaho Rancher Says It's All about Family

At Riverbend Ranch, it’s all about family. It starts with owners Frank and Belinda VanderSloot and how their values create the right atmosphere for producing the best Angus beef.

“Family is an important part of the culture at Riverbend,” says Dale Meek, Pure Bred Manager. “This lifestyle is something you can really put your heart into.”

Read more about this local ranch; one of Cattle Company Beef's trusted suppliers.

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penne pasta is a healthy part of dietPasta Is a Healthy Part of Diet

Italian food lovers rejoice; a study shows that avoiding pasta could be a mistake. It contends that eating pasta can help people control their weight.

From stabilizing blood sugar to reducing cravings, here are ways pasta can be part of a healthy diet.

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restaurant worker cleaning countertopCalifornia Court Rules Against Off-the-Clock Tasks

The Supreme Court of California has ruled against a national chain for not compensating an employee for regular closing duties that were considered off-the-clock. California’s high court ruled against Starbucks saying that a former supervisor’s duties “involves nontrivial, regularly occurring periods of work”. Learn why this ruling could be setting a precedent...gray bar

biodegradable plasticwareMore Seattle Restrictions on Restaurant Packaging and Utensils

Restaurants in Seattle are banned from using non-biodegradable drink straws, cocktail picks, and disposable utensils and face $250 fines for violations after July 1. Learn how this ban may affect your operation... gray bar

Alaskan seafood tacos with Icy Bay IPAAlaska Seafood is a Hit with Diners

Adding seafood from Alaska to your menu offerings is a smart way to meet your guests' expectations. According to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, the power of the Alaska brand resonates with diners...

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person using mobile ordering appNew and Improved Online Ordering

Our online order management solution makes ordering easy. You can make smarter purchasing decisions for your business. And – order anytime, anywhere. See what online Order Management can do for you ...

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wheel of tax reformTax Reform has Restaurant Operators and Industry Leaders Optimistic

Tax reform has restaurant operators and industry leaders optimistic about what one calls “the biggest good thing for small business in three decades and a generation.” See why these leaders think improved economic conditions are ahead ...

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yelp for restaurantsWhy you Should be on Yelp

One of the most visible online review sites is Yelp. Whether you know it or not, your restaurant is already on Yelp. It makes sense to claim your site to add to your marketing muscle. The Boston Consulting Group says businesses add an average of $8,000 of annual incremental revenue by claiming its free Yelp Business Page. How to get more visible with your marketing with Yelp...gray bar

viewing trip advisor on mobile deviceMarketing Tip: Get Listed on TripAdvisor

It’s become the world’s biggest travel resources, attracting millions of users a month, and featuring million reviews of hotels and restaurants worldwide. It's TripAdvisor and it's one of the top three review sites we recommend you claim for your business ...

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restaurant worker looking at laptop for negative reviewsHow to Respond to Negative Reviews in 4 Easy Steps

You’ve received a negative review online—how you react now sets you up for success down the road. Potential customers are often more appreciative of how you respond to the criticism than the criticism itself. Trust grows when you answer a critic rather than ignore them or try and delete a negative comment. See how to respond to that negative review here ...

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denver cutHow Alternative Cuts of Meat Can Improve Your Bottom Line

You can improve your bottom line by serving alternative cuts of meat and diners are showing they are receptive to ordering new center-of-the-plate options. In some cases these cuts are a better value, lowering food costs. In other cases, cuts are a higher quality and command a premium price. Check out how these meat cuts can help your operation...

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