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Join us at the Portland Trends Food Show


Order Management

Fast and convenient online order management

Easy to Use:

Intuitive format, easy navigation and searchability for more efficient ordering.

More Product Information:

More images, more nutritionals and clearer product descriptions to allow you to make informed product purchase decisions.

Learn more here.

Contact your Sales Associate today and learn how you can connect!

Download the mobile version from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

Account Center
Pay Online with E-Payment.

With Account Center, you can view your account's statement and invoice details and pay online -- on your time.

View up to 2 years of payment history.
View up to 2 years of invoice history.

Up-to-date transaction information at your fingertips.

View open invoices, invoices due today and more.

State-of-the art security.

Value-added for FSA customers. Request access today, or contact your Sales Associate with any questions.
Account Center Subscriptions
With Account Center Email Subscriptions, you can schedule your invoice and proof of delivery emails.
Options for daily or weekly emails.

Choose your delivery format (PDF or CSV).

Configure proof of delivery documents to be delivered electronically.

Run on-demand invoice extracts with up to 2 years of invoice history.
Bar Codes

This tool can be used to generate barcodes that will print nicely on Avery 5260 labels.

The sources needed to generate sheets of labels are Microsoft Excel files that are easily obtained from Star Solutions Operator.  (Please note, both Star Solutions Operator and our scanner add-in are required for use of the Bar Code tool.)

Contact us today to learn more.

Kosher Certificates

Get Kosher certificates for your items from our product catalog. It's paperless and efficient. If you have Kosher products, you'll love having this tool at your fingertips.

Value added for our FSA Customers.  Contact us today to learn more.

Used widely by our healthcare and educational customers but available to all of our customers.

Use this catalog of nutrition data to meet the needs of students and patients and to fully comply with regulations.

Search the system by FSA product number or by entering a product description.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.
Save time! Use this tool to print your own safety data sheets (SDS), on a wide range of cleaning and chemical products.

Search by item number, product name, or manufacturer.

FREE for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.
Product Catalog

4 great resources in one place:

1.  Product Catalog
Browse and check availability on the products that will fit your needs.  Search by Category, Description, Brand or Item Number.

2. SDS
Get safety data sheets on a wide range of cleaning and chemical products. Search by item number, product name, or by manufacturer.

3. Nutritional data sheets
Use this catalog of nutritional data to meet the needs of students and patients and to fully comply with regulations. Search by FSA product number or description.

4. Kosher certificates
Certificates now at your fingertips. Get Kosher certificates for your items in a paperless, efficient and secure way.

All are value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.

Designed specifically for multi-unit operators, the eAdvantage system gives DMA customers fast online ordering, order confirmation, purchase history, and online customer reporting.

Value-added and available for FSA/DMA customers only. Contact us today to learn more.
Where's My Truck

Do you want to know exactly when to expect your next delivery? Now there’s a way to track your order online.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.
Star Solutions Online

Anywhere Anytime Order Entry

Created for fast and convenient online order entry, this Internet-based service requires no additional software and offers order confirmation, tracking, product usage reports, and pricing information.

• Order guides based on preference
• Item searches and descriptions
• Pricing per serving and case
• Items in stock at FSA
• Helpful usage reporting


• Real-time Internet customer service
• Check order status, accounts receivable, and usage information
• Import orders from external files and check online before sending
• Create orders from order guides
• View invoice information
• Generate reports by product, category, brand, or manufacturer
• Track inventory status

Value added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.

Star Solutions Operator
The Star Solutions Operator software suite includes: Order Entry, Inventory Manager, Recipe Manager and Profit Manager. This is a PC-based solution – just download and install and you’re ready to go!

“I’ve been using kitchen software for about 10 years and Star Solutions is definitely the best.”

– Bernie Eckroth, GM of Doublewood Inn in Bismark, North Dakota

“It saves me money, time, and energy.”  – Matt Neltner, Chef at Deschutes Brewery, Bend Oregon

“I’m not a real computer guy, but it’s an easy to use program.”  – Drew Leger, Chef at The Reef in Boise, Idaho

FREE to qualified customers. Retail value approximately $3,000. Contact us today for a demonstration.  

** Embedded in Star Solutions Operator is software for a handheld device used to scan barcodes to generate an order or count inventory items. (Hardware must be purchased, contact Sales Associate for details.)

Customer Ordering Interactive Network (COIN) interfaces easily with your own ordering systems software so you can place orders with FSA.

Connect your ordering system with FSA and send orders through the Internet, email, or ftp file transfer.  COIN easily interfaces with programs such as CBORD®, MenuLink, Computrition, and more.

COIN is compatible with several ordering systems.  Ask your Sales Associate about using COIN for your business or to check for system compatibility.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.  


CURE (Customer Usage Reporting Environment) allows access usage reports and is Internet based. CURE gives you the ability to show 2 years of purchases.

Includes excellent drill-down capabilities and filtering by vendor, brand and category and item.

Value-added for FSA customers. Contact us today to learn more.

2018 Events

Please join us for the Trends Show at the
Oregon Convention Center!

Oregon Convention Center

Trends Food Show
Oregon Convention Center, Portland (in Hall E)
Tuesday, October 2, 2018 
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Mark your calendars for the Trends Show where
you can find top trends...

  • Comfort foods
  • Eco-friendly / SNOR
  • Fourth meal (snacking)
  • Fusion / reinvention
  • Healthy alternatives
  • Pizza with action station
  • Serving the home diner (to-go and meal delivery)
  • Uniquely Northwest
Plus FSA Business Solutions, City of Portland Sustainability at Work, Energy Trust of Oregon, and Dining Out In The NorthWest.

Trends Zone

Download More Information...

Trend Zones 200+ Vendors
Eco-Friendly Resources
Social Media & Dining Out In The NW

Chef Anh Luu - Tapalaya
We’re pleased to announce that Chef Anh Luu of Tapalaya will be joining the Business Solutions Café this year. Chef Anh has appeared on the Food Network show, Chopped, and numerous local TV programs. Be sure to stop and meet Chef Anh and sample her unique cuisine. 

Chef Anh Luu

Do you need more information?

Ask your FSA Sales Representative or call 503.980.2517.


Fall Extravaganza - 9/12/17
Trends Food Show - 11/8/17
Annual Food Show - 4/10/18
Eco-Friendly/SNOR Show - 6/5/18




ServSafe Training

Food Services of America regularly sponsors ServSafe seminars and other safety-focused training for our customers and employees. Certification helps all participants increase awareness of food safety issues.

Zero Waste


'Zero Waste' Food Show Goal
Recycling Bins
Have you ever struggled to decide whether your waste is recyclable or compostable? At our foodshows we staff our recycling stations to make sure materials get in their proper place. This makes it easier for you, and you can be confident that we're diverting as much material as possible from the landfill. We also partner with the Oregon Food Bank to make use of any leftover unopened samples.

FSA's 'Zero Waste' foodshows go hand in hand with our efforts to observe Sustainable, Natural, Organic, and Regional (SNOR) practices, and fit in with the certification we've earned from the Food Alliance for sustainable business practices.

Thanks again for doing your part!

Past Food Show Waste Diversion/Recycling Achievements

Annual Food Show, April 10: 76%

Trends Show, Nov. 8: 68%
Annual Food Show, May. 3: 71%
SNOR/Eco-Friendly Show, Mar. 1: 68%

Trends Food Show, Nov. 9: 85%
Annual Food Show, May 4: 71%

Annual Food Show, May 6: 80%
SNOR/Eco-Friendly Show, Feb. 4: 92.4%

Trends Food Show, Nov. 11: 86%
Annual Food Show, May 5: 78%
SNOR/Eco-Friendly Show, Mar. 4: 94.3%

Trends Food Show, Oct. 22: 86%
Annual Food Show, May 1: 82.64%

SNOR/Eco-Friendly Show, Feb. 5: 94.74%

Trends Food Show, Oct. 23: 84%
Annual Food Show, May 2: 88.44%

Annual Food Show, Oct. 19: 86%
Universal/Trends Food Show, Mar. 15: 81%